Friday, June 30, 2006

July of the 7000s

Hello out there! Well, it seems appropriate that our blog has hit the 7000-hit mark just as we turn to the seventh month, July. It's really exciting to see the counter go up and know that people are finding us on here, though we're still technically quite a new site (our first post was made in October 2005).

The month of June ended with a great little note from the folks at the Maine Historical Society (who seem to really like us, hooray!) which included a tipoff about an account of a merman in Maine that dates back into the 1600s. Stay tuned for a fleshing out of this item, and for more strange stuff as July of the 7000s rolls on!!!

Thanks for joining us, all of you!

Warm regards (well, it is rather humid),

Misfortune Teller , Halfway to Halloween Horrorball, Portland, Maine, May 2006
Photo (c) by Michelle Souliere

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