Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Let's Start with a BANG!

Well, let's see... after last week's explosive situation in Lewiston, on Friday night the local gas company came knocking on doors in my neighborhood after a nearby apartment house reported gas odors in their basement. The servicemen didn't find any leaks elsewhere, but were up late digging up the street at the corner of State and Grant Streets to investigate the odors at their source.

The 4th of July became dramatic for many spectators making the hike back down from the Eastern Prom after a murder-suicide at the corner of Oxford and Anderson Streets. The bodies were still at the site as fireworks attendees poured by at the end of the night. News footage caught a very common sense moment on tape as locals lingered at the site, complaining loudly about how their children might be affected by seeing the crime scene, at which point an officer made the very valid point that perhaps they should get their children inside. Hmm, you think?

In Lewiston, a man was caught after he lobbed a pig's head into a Lisbon Street mosque where it rolled to stop amidst the 40 or so Muslims who were in prayer at the time. Well, if that's the only way you feel capable of communicating with your fellow man.... I really don't know what to say to you. Apparently the guy thought it would be funny. Lisbon Street seems to be attracting a lot of weirdness lately, and not the good kind.


Jim said...

In greater Lewiston-Auburn, there is alot of talk about progress and economic development opportunities.

While there have been some changes for the good, I still think L/A will ultimately be hindered by a parochial mindset that is hard to get beyond.

While the pig's head incident illustrates the racial tensions that still exist in Maine's 2nd largest city, fear of outsiders is also driving the difficulties Somali settlers face in assimilating, IMHO.

My slogan for L/A:

"The more it changes, the more it stays the same."

Mark LaFlamme said...

Lisbon Street is merely a warming up point for deviants on their way to Bartlett Street. God love 'em.

Michelle said...

Jim-- Sounds like a lot of places! Only time will tell how things pan out. It would be nice to think that overall folks will be more influenced by the positive vibes than the negative ones...

Mark-- Hmm. Sounds like I should look into this "Bartlett Street."