Thursday, July 20, 2006

Speaking of Squirrels...

My roommate related an interesting story from her teenage years over dinner tonight, indirectly related to the taxidermy theme of my prior post on the Cryptozoology exhibit at Bates. It seems that she and some friends were spending an extremely goofed up afternoon in Augusta one winter day, and while wandering around looking for amusement, found a squirrel frozen in rigor mortis in the snowbank alongside the road.

One of the company had what seemed to them to be a brilliant idea, and the squirrel was quickly placed in the center of the road in its frozen attitude of surprise. All afternoon long they watched cars slow, stop, and eventually honk at the dumb beast to make it cross the road. Of course it never did, and the cars would drive on, no doubt wondering what the heck had just happened (or not happened, as it were).

Just another way to entertain yourself in the mid-90s in mid-Maine, I guess.

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