Friday, July 28, 2006

Maine Native Plans Record-Breaking Voyage

Maine-born Daryl Colinot—alias Admiral Dingy—says he will attempt to circle the globe in a 9-foot, 11-inch long, 6-foot wide boat that he calls "the world's smallest cruise ship."
Yes, the Admiral admits, there are obstacles:

1. He has no space to store food and doesn't know how he will eat. (Maybe he will grow sprouts, he said.)

2. He needs a water filtration system, but hasn't invested in one yet.

3. He's not sure how he will communicate with friends on land. (He has no computer or ham radio.)

4. He can't afford the trip. (He's looking for sponsors.)

5. And, certainly not last in a lengthy list of problems, his ship might leak. [Source]

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AQ said...

Ummmm....yeah....good luck, there, Dingy!