Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Maine Occult Soap Opera

No, no, we're not talking about what goes down in the shadows of local coffee shops and new age basements. Nope, this is actually a television show, made in Northern Maine, that is currently running on over 50 public access stations across the country. Dark Currents is its name.
The Story takes place in the fictional town of Hawks Landing and in an area that is a magnet for strange events and even stranger characters. At one time, HAWKS LANDING was an Indian village. The area is filled with old stories and legends. The land between the river and the town is kind of a "Bermuda Triangle" for Maine. The town itself is supposedly cursed. One Indian tale told of an Indian chief saying "The Matawahoc river shall run Dark Currents as long as the white man lives on it."

Like most home-grown shows, Dark Currents exists on a meager budget, and is produced predominantly on the enthusiasm of its staff, to the delight of a small cult following in New England, according to their site. I've never seen it on the Portland public access channel, but that could change. On the homepage listed above, there are links that tell you how to bring Dark Currents to your own home television in a variety of ways by contacting EDGE Productions, or buying their shows on video at Amazon Books.

The scripts are posted on the site in a serial fashion and, while the writing's a little rough at times, the passion and excitement are evident. You can explore it for yourself here.
Doctor Vargis stormed down the tiny, dark corridor. He was an older man with an intense look on his face. He reeked of authority and purpose. He whirled around the corner and nearly ran into an orderly. The young man had a nervous, scared look on his face. He was new at the Beaumont Mental Health Institute, and wasn’t used to the looney tunes’ hijinks.
The last update was early in 2003, with promises of a Chapter 5 soon to come. Sadly, it seems not to have materialized. I'm going to drop them a line and will post an update if I find out anything else.


Mark LaFlamme said...

Whoa! Why am I just now discovering this site?

Anonymous said...

One of the best and most quotable movies ever, seen it about 80 times.

Lucas Knight said...

I know it's 12 years late, thx for the cool article/post about Dark Currents. I know we don't make the show anymore, however I working on a prequel novella called, "What the Night Brings..." and I plan on self-publishing it when finished. Also, unfortunately geocites went down a few years ago and took of our website content with it. But there is a Dark Currents Facebook page (of course)

Thx again, I really liked your article!


Michelle Souliere said...

Hi Lucas! My pleasure. I actually bought a couple of copies of the DVD recently on eBay (was that from you?), and am looking forward to finally being able to see it for myself when I have enough time to sit down and watch! Thanks for finding us. :)