Monday, July 17, 2006

Maine Turnpike Toolbooth Antics

A friend of mine who narrowly missed seeing last week's turnpike conflagration related the reason she only saw the charred wreck instead of the flaming vehicle itself:
As I was driving I saw tons of black smoking pouring into the sky, and thought "I hope that isn't something on the interstate." More prophetic words have never been spoken as I slowed to a complete stop shortly after that. The odd thing was that I probably would have been right there when it happened, rather than two miles from it, if it hadn't been for the freak at the toll booth. He cut from the far right lane all the way over to the far left "exact change" lane, and cut me off, which annoyed the hell out of me (especially since he had already annoyed me by driving in BOTH lanes so I couldn't get by him, plus swerving over to the right before finally deciding to cut me off.)

When he stopped at the exact change lane, he appeared to realize that there wasn't anyone in the booth. He then rummaged around for change, before getting out of his car - that's right he got OUT of his car in the exact change lane. The only saving grace for this idiot was that he did mouth "sorry" at me as he walked in front of my car and when it was clear, darted across two lanes to get to a manned tollbooth! He then had to wait for the car already there, before asking the toll attendant for change. Then he came back across the lanes to get back in his car and throw his measly 60 cents into the bin...and then wait for the light to change green before going!
Maine natives get to see a lot more crazy stuff than normal during the summer months as the influx of tourists inflates the driving population to flood levels. Anyone else with interesting tollbooth stories is welcome to add their two cents by commenting! Exact change not necessary.

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