Monday, July 10, 2006

Squeaky Lobster

A few weekends ago, at the Arundel flea market on Route 1, I chanced across perhaps the silliest Maine postcard I have ever seen. This vintage piece of work sports a lurid lobster superimposed over a photo of crashing surf. But it is not the color alone that creates this postcards's charm. No.

For you see, the lobster squeaks.

Yes. It is true. When you squeeze the postcard, even ever so lightly, the lobster squeaks.

This made scanning the postcard an inadvertently hilarious task, because every time I repositioned it and lowered the lid again... SQUEAK!!!


In other news:
-- I visited the Cryptozoology exhibit at Bates on Saturday, and it was well worth the drive. Rumor has it that I missed meeting Loren Coleman, who had been there the day before. The attendant spoke very highly of Mr. Coleman, and the show's director, Marc Bessire. It is also rumored that Mr. Coleman is "a very nice man." *grin* At any rate, I will post in detail with photos later in the week.
-- Also, further developments on the horror host rumor front. Due to rabid response during our marketing poll, it looks like a Portland late night horror host show is inevitable. Your host will be Cousin Twitch, and her sidekick will be Cap'n Spooky. Test shots of makeup and so on will be produced in upcoming weeks, and no doubt some sort of horrendous debut episode will make its way onto the airwaves in time for Halloween. Please e-mail any comments or responses to me via MySpace:


Chris said...

As every Mainer knows, lobsters are long past squeaking when they're that shade of red.

lady j said...

Loren's awesome. I interviewed him a few years ago for the Phoenix and he was the nicest, most laid-back guy. Enthusiastic about his work, great sense of humor, fascinating to talk with. Some day I'd love to get him and Herb Adams in the same room, just to see what kind of stories unravel ...

Michelle said...

lady j-- Good golly, I can't even imagine... !!! Bring a pot of coffee, and a comfy chair -- we'd be all set!!