Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Home for Cryptozoology Museum

crypto_tris&crookstonOkay you guys... surely somewhere out there in the Greater Portland area of Strange Maine is someone with a good venue they can share with this legendary Cryptozoology collection/exhibit? I mean, just look at this big fuzzy guy. Kind of makes you just want to run out and adopt a Sasquatch, doesn't it? Loren Coleman is looking for a public home in which to establish the Cryptozoology Museum for everyone to see. Read on...


I was wondering if there is anyone in the greater Portland area that might be interested in working out a deal to have the International Cryptozoology Museum become a partner in your location or business space? Anyone have a dedicated room or rooms suitable for an eight-foot tall Bigfoot, Feejee Mermaid, Coelacanth, and almost 50 years of gathered evidence and artifacts, which might be regularly open to the public?

What I had in mind is a more public arena for the display of the cryptozoological artifacts that are within my in-home "appointment only" museum, and now currently fill a room at the Bates College Museum of Art's traveling exhibition (recently highlighted here in Michelle's review).

I need to think ahead to plan for the time when the exhibition is over (post-Kansas City, late December 2006). If the exhibition does not travel after that, the real cryptozoological art and evidence, including the Klyver sculptures, Sasquatch footcasts, Yeti hair, Sea Serpent sketches, Crookston Bigfoot, and other artifacts come home to Portland.

Perhaps a bookstore or artist's gallery or already-existing specialty museum would enjoy discussing sharing a suitable space with the International Cryptozoology Museum.

Please let me know of any ideas you have and contact me directly at lcoleman(AT)

Thank you
Loren Coleman

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