Tuesday, July 18, 2006

EVENT: Bucket of Blood!!!

The other night I was hanging around and decided it was high time to watch "A Bucket of Blood," a fine Roger Corman cult cinema masterpiece from 1959 that is an ode to the deadly dangers of dabbling in MODERN ART. Little did I know I was going to get a chance to see it performed live, so soon afterwards!!! The play "Bucket of Blood" is being produced by none other than Running Over Productions, nigh famous for their schlock shockers and zombie/mad scientist stage wonders that have quietly but insidiously been making their way into Portlanders hearts over the last few years.

Anyone who has been to their shows knows that they are well worth the quick drive out to the Presumpscot Grange Hall on outer Forest Avenue. This show should be no exception (especially since Ricky Boy Floyd is going all out to find a good and proper dead cat prop, as last minute calls to our house have shown).

So the poet speaks, and so the artist shall mold.

What is not creation is graham crackers.
Let it all crumble to feed the creator.
Who are John Joe Jim Jake Jerk?
Dead. Dead. Dead.

Swim on you maudlin muddling
maddening fools!
Ring rubber bells! Beat cotton gongs!
Strike silken cymbals! Play leaden flutes!

Walter Paisley is born!

More memorable words were never spoken.

To sum up: "Walter is a busboy at The Yellow Door, a beatnik dive where the artist is everything, and to be "aware" is everything. Walter, basically a trodden upon nobody, longs to be a somebody, like the egocentric house poet Maxwell (see lovely verse quoted above). His desires, mixed with misfortune, take him down a winding road of murder and madness, where nothing is what it seems! Is anyone safe at The Yellow Door as Walter tries his hand at modern art?"

WHAT: the play "A Bucket of Blood"
WHERE: Presumpscot Grange Hall, outer Forest Avenue (across from Tortilla Flats)
WHEN: 8:00pm, Thursday through Saturday, July 20-22 and July 27-29 -- 6 performances ONLY!
HOW MUCH: Admission is $7
I'M HUNGRY: There will be delightful pies and treats and refreshments available to customers downstairs in the Hall during intermission. Sorry, no brains.

I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND: E-mail at info(AT)runningoverzombies.com or call the helpful fellows themselves -- Joshua Douglas (207)653-8898 or Will Stewart (207)409-3949

Well then, what are you waiting for???

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