Thursday, June 15, 2006

EVENT: Hug a Sasquatch for Art!!!

Loren Coleman has announced the upcoming opening of the Cryptozoology Exhibit at Bates College in Lewiston, on June 24th. The exhibit looks like it is going to be downright fantastic! There doesn't seem to be a public gala opening, which is too bad, but museum hours are mentioned below, and I, for one, am planning on packing up a couple of carloads of friends to go take a peek.

According to Coleman's article about the exhibit (source):
Some of the items from the International Cryptozoology Museum’s collection, contained in my installation at Bates, probably will include:
- 8 ft-tall, 500 pound “Crookston Bigfoot,”
- hair and fecal samples from 1950s Yeti expeditions,
- first public American replica of the Homo floresiensis skull,
- Yosemite Killer Cary Stayner’s Bigfoot sketches,
- Meganthropus and Gigantopithecus Krantz-replica skulls,
- Homo erectus newyorkensis replica skull,
- art representing Lake Monsters, Sea Serpents, and Mothman,
- footcasts of Sasquatch, Yeti, Yowie, Thylacine, and Cryptid Cats,
- unique one-of-a-kind cryptid figurines and unknown hominoid bronzes,
- historic cryptozoology expedition flags,
- Chupacabras wooden figures,
- Okapi and Sasquatch 1940s’ enumerations,
- rare American and foreign-language cryptozoology books,
- rare paper collectibles,
- Tom Slick-related objects,
- and much more.
Please see the Museum's website for more information. Directions are as follows:
The College is located approximately three miles from Maine Turnpike Exit 80 (formerly Exit 13, Lewiston Exit).

From the South: take Exit 80 and turn left onto Alfred A. Plourde Parkway at the stop sign at the end of the off ramp.
From the North: take Exit 80 and bear right onto Plourde Parkway.

Continue straight on Plourde until it deadends at Webster Street (second stoplight). Turn left onto Webster and follow for 1 mile to the first stoplight at Farwell Street. Turn right onto Farwell and follow .6 miles to stoplight. Continue straight across intersection onto Russell Street. Follow Russell through two stoplights, then turn left onto Bardwell Street (across from the Bardwell Street Variety) into the museum parking lot.

Click here for a map of campus:

Museum hours:
Tuesday - Saturday, 10 AM-5 PM
75 Russell Street, Lewiston, Maine 04240
Phone: 207-786-6158
Fax: 207-786-8335

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