Friday, June 16, 2006

EVENT: Silent Disco Saturday at the A1!!!

Anyone who gets photos of THIS event can consider themselves a Strange Maine Cub Reporter if they'll send them to me for posting on the site! Wow. Possibly the coolest idea for a Maine event since Zombie Kickball and the Moxie Festival.

Speaking of which, I wound up out of town during Zombie Kickball the other week -- did anyone get any photos???

At any rate, read on to find out about the latest...
Photo of Birthday Present & Monkey Disco Fighting at Bubba's by Matthew Robbins

A quick reminder that this Saturday June 16 at 12:30 afternoon, the first Silent Disco will occur! Dancers will meet outside of the A1 Diner as we gather and become a crazy, silent, dancing mob in the streets of Downtown Gardiner.
Bring iPod, mp3, Cd player with headphones! Cassette players too.

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