Thursday, September 14, 2006

Another Deering Oaks Anomaly!

On my way to work this morning just after 7:00am, I spotted a white rat hopping around in the drained Deering Oaks duck pond by the stone retaining wall. His/her coat was bright and seemed to be quite clean, making the wee beastie very easy to see against the dark muck of the pond floor. I could hardly believe my eyes.

The rat must be either a lost or released pet rat -- he was scampering around quite unconcernedly, and then eventually ran up and into some holes in the wall. I have half a mind to find a Have-a-Heart trap and "rescue" her/him, except 1) I don't know for sure if the rat is actually domesticated (and not wild), and 2) I don't have any free time until next week. S/he isn't very big.

I hope s/he hasn't set up house below the water line in the pond, because as soon as the Risbara Brothers construction company is done putting in the new fountain, I believe they're also going to fill the pond back up and give it a grand re-opening reception.

If anyone feels the inclination, s/he was in the little crook of the pond where State Street and Park Avenue meet, in the wall visible from the sidewalk there. The holes in the wall are plainly evident, easy to see.

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