Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Spicy variety

Among other news of note in the September issue of Island Times is mention in the section "This island life" of the wild and wooly world of the stage on Peaks Island. For the convenience of readers, they have provided a long list of the amazing spectacles we missed and can now be jealous about:
A daredevil tap dancer tripping around a stage loaded with live, un-bnaded, and unhappy lobsters. An 18-month-old girl baby singing an operatic aria with pacifier in place. A tight (as in looped) rope walker crossing the divide between Peaks and House Island. Teardown and rebuild of an island junker in less than 10 minutes while the performer recited "The Wreck of the Hesperus." A rapper break-dancing with a firecracker in his back pocket set to go off in five minutes. Impersonators by the carload with pretty fair copies made of Richard Nixon, Ed Sullivan, and Covey and Donny, as well as other island notables.

There were island sound effects: howling wind, crashing surf, dog fights, cat fights, dog and cat fights, dog-owner and cat-owner fights. Worthy of the Roman Coliseum. Not a bad act in the house. One can sing the phone book on the island and recieve a standing ovation. Variety is the spice of life.
Portland needs to get its act in gear, either that or we should start buying some ferry tickets with all the expensive dough our highfalutin "big" theatre performances here cost. Although we do have all those keen zombies and stuff...

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