Friday, September 08, 2006

Maine monsters on the move

The folks over at Emptyhouse Film have some big news this week:

"Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman leads the 2006 Maine Mutant Safari, broadcast worldwide"

By this time, we all know about the bizarre creature found in Maine. But what really happened? What kinds of unknown creatures still roam in our Maine wilderness? On Tuesday, September 19th, Motion Media and Emptyhouse Film will be taking Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman to Turner, Maine. The film companies will be documenting Coleman as he shares his side of the story, as well as looks for clues to other potential unknown animals and gives his thoughts on the creature found in the rural town.

The story will be told in four parts in a documentary style and broadcast for the world to see on "We're very excited about having the opportunity to share Mr. Coleman's expertise with the rest of the world, excited to see what else might be out there" said Motion Media President Olin Smith.

When thinking about what other animals exist in the Maine woods, the filmmakers also wondered what the public believed. "Another part of this documentary is to really find out what the public believes; we'll be surveying as many people as possible and including their responses in the film," said filmmaker Andy Davis.

The idea for the safari stemmed from both Smith and Davis' passions for all things paranormal. The duo have been in Pre-Production on a full length feature film titled CRYPTID: The hunt for Bigfoot for five months. When news broke of the "Turner beast" they knew they had to put something together. They also knew that it couldn't be a "mutant safari" without a group of people so they invited a few friends along. News outlets will be along for the adventure, ensuring that this documentary leaves no stone unturned.

CRYPTID's Executive Producer John Lane had this to say "The story of the Turner beast hit close to home on the film we are making. When I heard about it, I knew that this had to be part of our journey. I love that we can share the documentary immediately with people from around the world via the internet."

Denise Poirier, the voice of MTV's animated series "Aeon Flux" is scheduled to provide the narrative voice over for the documentary.

Each week, a new "webisode" will be uploaded to for the public to enjoy. The first episode will be uploaded on September 25th. An extended version of the "Maine Mutant Safari" documentary will be available as a special feature on the CRYPTID: The hunt for Bigfoot DVD. Viewers who wish to see the documentary on can search "Maine Mutant Safari" or check for a direct link.

A rain date for the "Maine Mutant Safari" has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 26th. If this happens, the first "webisode" will be uploaded on October 2nd.

For more information, please contact:
Olin Smith - Producer : mmfv[at]
Andy Davis - Writer/Director : emptyhousefilm[at]
Loren Coleman - Cryptozoologist: lcoleman[at]

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