Monday, September 25, 2006

Razorville and Lobotomies

One of my friends grew up near a village called Razorville here in Maine, described by one of the state's webpages as "a village on the southwest end of Washington Pond." [Source] She told me that as a teenager she had heard in local talk that the town was named Razorville because of the large number of lobotomies performed there in its history.

I can find no mention of any historical asylum located there, but as lobotomies came into vogue in the early part of the 20th century, it does seem as though there were many "traveling" lobotomists. I suppose it might be possible that they traveled in this area.

In an odd synchronistic event, one of Maine's many modern mental health facilities, Washington Manor, is located near the village of Razorville, on the Razorville Road in Washington, Maine.

The area around Razorville in Knox County has some dramatic place names which should be noted. These include such as "Hibberts Gore" and "Deadwater Slough."

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