Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Killer Bear in New Hampshire

This happened in Milford, N. H., but there's no reason it couldn't happen here.
A teddy bear has been implicated in 2,500 deaths — trout deaths, that is.

State officials say a teddy bear that fell into a pool at a Fish and Game Department hatchery earlier this month clogged a drain. The clog blocked the flow of oxygen to the pool and suffocated the fish.

Hatcheries supervisor Robert Fawcett said the bear, dressed in yellow raincoat and hat, is believed to be the first stuffed toy to cause fatalities at the facility.
The deaths prompted Fawcett to release a written warning: "RELEASE OF ANY TEDDY BEARS into the fish hatchery water IS NOT PERMITTED." [source]

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Michelle said...

Oh! Poor little fishies, and poor little teddy! Death by cuteness. Who would have thunk? I'm glad they had a sense of humor about it.