Friday, October 06, 2006

Along Came a Spider...

James Lee of Levant has had the best of luck and the worst of luck lately.

Last month, he won a brand new Volvo by finding a winning game piece for the "Pirates of the Caribbean" game in his Big Mac extra value meal.

A couple of days ago, he drove into a tree "after being startled by a spider that got into the vehicle."
While trying to get it out of the SUV, his vehicle smashed into a tree Wednesday morning.

Lee walked away with a bloody nose caused by the air bag.

It could’ve been worse. He wasn’t driving his brand-new Volvo XC90 because he hasn’t yet taken delivery, according to Darling’s Volvo in Bangor. [Source]


downeast misanthrope said...

Call me cynical, but when I heard the circumstances of this I had to wonder-- did this guy have gap insurance along with full coverage?

I mean, I know if I was paying $x/month car payments for an SUV that I owed more on than I could get selling it, AND I won a vehicle last month, I sure would like to find a way to get out of the monthly car payments. Totalling the vehicle in a hard-to-disprove-accident would be just the way out of such committment.

Chris said...

And don't forget the income tax he'll have to pay next April 15 on the new Volvo.