Friday, October 13, 2006

BLOTTER: Who's Serving Who?

The October 5, 2006, issue of the Windham Independent reported in their Police Scanner column the following:

Sept. 26, 7:11pm -- A 17 year old was charged with furnishing alcohol to a minor. He has been released to his parents. Officer Robert Hunt and Sgt. Michael Denbow made the arrest.

Our question is, was he serving himself?


Jason said...

sorry...this is off topic...but i couldn't find a way to contact any of the writers on your site.

here's an article i thought you might enjoy...

Anonymous said...

what would they charge him with if he were buying it for himself? Adn could they charge him with corruption of a minor if he bought alcohol for himself? Sounds like a case of needing an excuse to bust the kid, like using a broken taillight as an excuse to pull someone over and search the car.