Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Wanted: Haunted House

This item appeared in the Daily Kennebec Journal of May 24, 1905:
A man has advertised in a Lewiston newspaper for a haunted house, situated anywhere in the State of Maine. According to one report he wants it as a place of residence for some of his wife's people. It may be suspected, however, that his plan is to have some place in which to keep up spirits during the dry time now prevailing in the Pine Tree State.

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Michelle said...

I just found a great MPBN documentary clip on YouTube about Neal Dow, Portland's prominent prohibition advocate, sometimes known as "the Napoleon of Temperance." It features one of our Maine Historical Society research staff friends! It follows the story from Dow's time up until the era of nationwide prohibition, and also includes some footage of the interior of his house on Congress Street which is open for tours.

Great stuff, really well put together -- mobs raiding City Hall to get access to a storehouse of alcohol that Portland's Mayor was keeping in the basement, shocking tales of children drunk in the streets, and more.

Click here to watch the video!