Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's ALIIIIIIVE!!! Maine Impact Interview!

Happy Halloween, everyone! As a special treat, the guys over at the recently established Maine Impact broadcast website have a new podcast up which includes (at about the 13:30 time mark) an interview with yours truly, about the Strange Maine blog. Take a listen, I hope you all enjoy it! No tricks, I promise.

Strange Maine interview on the 10/31/06 Maine Impact Podcast
You'll be able to either listen to it on their embedded player, or download an MP3 of the interview via the little "AUDIO MP3" logo below the audiostream. The conversation swoops about through a number of Strange Maine elements, and wraps up with some fresh new goodies -- a wild new urban legend from Hallowell (more on this later on our blog), and a shivery ghost story that few people have heard before outside of my immediate family.

Happy Halloween!

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