Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Chadbourne: Maine Is the Transylvania of America

Monday's Lewiston Sun Journal had an interview with artist Glenn Chadbourne about his murals in Lewiston (here's one) and collaborations with Stephen King.
Has horror always been your thing?
Horror has been my thing since I was a carpet crawler. I've grown up on a steady diet of EC comics (reads like "Tales from the Crypt") and the old Warren magazines (reads like "Vampirella.") It probably makes me a sick bird.
I'm curious how much Maine has influenced your art.
Again, these stories are like old friends - you know, the horror stuff. I don't know if anybody's ever coined this phrase, but, because we do have Steve, I have always sort of considered Maine (as) ... the Transylvania of America.

Do you notice any theme among your fans; you must have a lot of teenage boys as fans?
You know, you'd think so. You would stereotype (his fans) as young sort of gorehound boys who like to go to the splatter movies. Not so, not so. I get a lot of women my age, housewives. I've had people on their walkers in their 80s come up to me. It's a guilty pleasure to a lot of people. There's a certain level of horror snobbery in my mind in the literary world. A lot of people won't admit to truly liking this stuff. Believe me, they do. [Source]

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