Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Join the Zombie Horde - SATURDAY!

Hello future zombies!

Emptyhouse Films' zombie casting will be held on
Saturday, January 13th at 9:00 AM
at 24 Pearl Street, in Biddeford, Maine.

A MAPQUEST from your location can be found at or other online mapping service. When you arrive, please find on street parking or park across from MULLIGANS restaurant. The casting will be held at Riverdam Millyard. You'll see signs saying ZOMBIE CASTING.

Emptyhouse Films would like to thank their sponsor for this event. Steven at Riverdam Millyard has really made this possible for them. Please visit Riverdam Millyard at

On hand during casting will be the band that is doing the soundtrack of the film, COVERED IN BEES. You can check out COVERED IN BEES on MySpace or at Also on hand will be our writer Al Lamanda, the cast of TWO, Molly Roberts and Jim Roberts and it's producer and cinematographer Olin Smith.

Emptyhouse is requesting that everyone coming to the casting should come made-up as zombies. They know that not everyone has the makeup or the experience, but try your best! Please bring zombie spirit with you!

Also, if you are under 18 years of age, please make sure to have a parent or guardian with you. Everyone will be required to sign press releases upon entering the casting. They will be filming this event for the "behind the scenes" portion of the dvd release. They will also be taking a still picture of you. They will pick their favorite zombies for a few online voting competitions as well.

When you come this Saturday, you'll see a line. Please wait in this line, as they have to register everyone. This may take awhile, so please be patient and have fun while you wait by getting to know your fellow undead legions!

Emptyhouse Films has had a blast reading all of your letters and comments and says, "You guys sound like a very excited bunch of undead creatures! We are looking forward to meeting you all at the event this Saturday."

Please feel free to bring anyone else who may be interested.

If you are coming, please send an RSVP email to jessica.davis718[at] and tell her how many people you have
coming. This will allow Emptyhouse to send you an e-mail in case of any changes, such as a snow date.

Thanks and hope to see you there! Strange Maine correspondent Chris Wallace will be covering the event, since I'm stuck at work all day.

For those of you who haven't heard about this film yet, here is the lowdown:
Andy Davis' story is being turned into a script co-written with author Al Lamanda. Olin Smith and John Lane (Lobsteroids) will be producing. Davis will also be directing and it looks pretty good for some great special effects by Robert Dipitriantonio. Ross Kearny will be helping out with makeup. Here's the official press release and synopsis:

Zombies to roam the Maine Countryside!
A new film from Motion Media/Emptyhousefilm.

A new feature length film is in the works from the creators of "Mud" and "I'm Sorry". Motion Media and Emptyhouse Film announced that their latest project titled "2" will be shooting in and around southern Maine, starting this month.

The film will be co-produced by Olin Smith (Mud, I'm Sorry) and John Lane who is currently in the pre-production on "The Novice" starring Chuck Norris. "It's very exciting, last year we completed two feature films right here in Maine and we just keep building, adding new creative forces each time," said Producer Olin Smith.

"2" is a zombie survivalist film co written by published author Al Lamanda (Dunstan Falls) and Andy Davis (Mud). "This is a film I have always wanted to make. I grew up on zombie films and think that our story will make a nice addition to zombie film lore. We came up with some very interesting ideas and I can't wait to see the final outcome," said writer/director Andy Davis.

"2" tells the story of two survivors of a biological attack that has turned the world upside down and how they deal with their situation. "2" stars C. James Roberts (Mr.Barrington) and Molly Roberts (The Dark). "I am very impressed with the talents of both James and Molly. We're all looking forward to seeing them carry out the story," said Co-Producer John Lane.

Soundtrack music is being created by the Portland based band "Covered in Bees." The band has been featured on Troma Films' upcoming release Poultrygeist's soundtrack. A music video will be shot for the release of "2". The band can be found on the web at and on MySpace, where samples of some of their songs are available.

Shooting is scheduled to begin in January. A website for "2" has been set up at and will feature interactive flash based games as well as interactive media in the coming months. "2" will utilize many Southern Maine locations, shooting in Freeport, Biddeford, and Porter. In addition to using Maine locations, "2" will require many Maine residents to portray the living dead.

More information on "2" can be found at

Photo of Covered In Bees by Michelle Souliere, (c)2005.

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