Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Sea Serpent Sermon?

On Channel 6 (WCSH-NBC) here in Portland, they air segments from the First Radio Parish Church each morning which used to drive me up a wall. They call them Daily Devotions. Now, lately, the Reverend has gotten more interesting. His television persona has gotten noticeably more wound up and animated (see wacky photo from his website, shown here, for an example). Also, I've noticed that sometimes his choice of story used to illustrate his point are quite... surprising.

Loren Coleman caught one that I totally missed, in which Rev. Peter B. Panagore talks about, of all things, a sea serpent sighting. Click here to read the summary and transcription of the on air segment.

MaineToday.com's Colleen Stone, who runs the "From Away" blog on their site, was moved by one episode of Daily Devotions to describe the Reverend's modus operandi for these segments as follows:
Panagore tells some sort of story and you often have no idea where it's going and then, at the end, it all makes sense. Like, "Of course, don't steal! Be nice to people! The beach was a metaphor for our journey through life!"
Click here to read the original post in its entirety.

Panagore's mulitmedia endeavours are not limited to television. He also has available a CD called "When I Died It Was Beautiful."

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