Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Presentation of...?

I was pointed to a recently produced online video that looks like it is supposed to be shown to prospective Portland business investors. It has a very strange feel to it. What do you think?

Click here to check it out.

The company behind this particular vision of Portland, Maine, is Groff Video. They have a long and varied client list, including everyone from uber-local standards such as L.L. Bean, the Opportunity Farm for Boys, and Shipyard Brewery, all the way to the big boys in the national arena, like Nickelodeon, Toon Disney, and International Championship Wrestling.

The odd thing about the video is that the feel I got for Portland as they portrayed it somehow managed to make it look like any other prosperous city. It didn't show the personality of the Portland I know, which is diverse and creative. It looked appealing, just not that interesting. I'd be curious to see what you all think...


Anonymous said...

Michelle - This appears to have been made some significant time ago. Not only is Toshiyuki Shimada conducting the PSO, but UNUM is the name on the sign outside what has for several years been the UnumProvident building. And the video makes reference to "building a new high-rise bridge," which really can only mean the replacement of the Million Dollar Bridge with the Casco Bay Bridge, which opened in 1997. So it's no surprise that the video doesn't reflect the energy of today - it's pretty old.
-Jeff Inglis, managing editor, Portland Phoenix

Michelle said...

Hi Jeff! Yes, it did seem to be a little dated... but it's interesting how sanitized it seems even with that in mind. I'm sure this is because their target audience is going to want a secure, stable location, but it's still interesting to observe the treatment.