Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy 2007!

Greeting from the future! Here we are in 2007. It's ridiculously warm for January. That's pretty strange. What else is new?

Well, the Strange Maine Gazette's 7th issue is out on the streets, and I'll be mailing my out-of-town copies shortly (thanks to all those hardy souls who distribute it for me). So far, copies have been dropped off at Strange Maine the store, the Maine Historical Society's library lobby, Coffee By Design on Congress Street in Portland (across from Geno's), and more copies will be making their way into the city by chance over the next week or so.

In a cooperative effort, the Gazette will also be teaming up with the Portland Banner. Back issues of the Banner, heretofore unavailable, will soon be accessible in an archive hosted on one of my other websites, Bad Cakes/Bad Influences. We're still settling the format, and whatnot, but this is a resource we're excited to make available for Banner fans, and Portland's reading public in general.


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