Monday, January 22, 2007

Hiram Haunted Road Legend

I was in the Strange Maine store the other day, interviewing Brendan Evans, the owner, for Angioplasty Media's upcoming re-launch, when a very pleasant older man came up to the counter. He was very happy to have found yet another classic horror film on Brendan's shelves, and proceeded to tell us a rural legend from his younger days.

He told us about a road that runs between Hiram and Cornish, Maine, that is partially unpaved, near the old Durgintown area. He swore that the locals from either town avoid that road when they are alone late at night. He claimed it ran through a bog, and that strange things would happen on the road from time to time, including the sensation that something was holding down the back of your car as you drove along in the dark, and that you were not alone.

Two of his younger coworkers had taken him up on his stories and had driven down the road very late one night (or early in the morning, as I believe it was after midnight). They thought they saw something in the bog coming out at them, and took off without a second look, terrified.

Heck, sounds good to me!!!

Anyone else out there with any information about this location?


Andy Davis said...

Being from porter, there are two roads that people seemed to always talk about seeing mysterious lights, etc, after the sun has set...from
my experiences
a) trying out these roads more than 3 times each after dark and
b) talking to people who have claimed to see or experience something extraordinary, I have come to the following conclusions...
a) it helps to have "herbal enhancement" to aid people in experiencing something on these roads.
b) it also helps to have more than 3 people to help build up the hype and paranoia of such an experience.
c) that if there is anything (hey there must be if so many people are talking about it, right?), since both of these roads go through swampy, boggy areas, the only possible explanation is swamp gasses, which can give off eerie lights.

I have never witnessed anything on my many attempts at these roads, but have noticed that herbal enhancement + more than three people in
the car = paranoia and hype.

Brambor said...

I used to take the beaten and somewhat paved road from Cornish to Hiram. It was usually during the summer months to reach the cool sandbar on the Saco River.

That road is now blocked in the vicinity of Hiram. I don't know why. The only reason I could think of is that the towns decided they could not afford to pave it and they did not want it to be a hazard for motorists. The only other reason (AND SINCE WE'RE DISCUSSING IT HERE ON THE STRANGE MAINE BLOG!) is that the road is haunted and neither Hiramers or Cornishers would drive on it.

The trouble is that if you're not from Cornish or Hiram and you do not know that the road is gated off you could find your self in a precarious situation of taking a shortcut at midnight, driving for 20 minutes over this beaten slab and getting to a road block right before you reach Hiram. The only option is having to turn around and return to Cornish. That is a prime time for being ambushed by the Bogggyman.

Disclaimer: The road might be open now. I did not check lately... ;-)

jason said...

What is the name of the road?Or can you give directions