Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Specter Moose Walks Again

Loren Coleman has been hard at work, and in his rounds he has picked up a new gig-- he's going to be writing a regular column for the TAPS Paramagazine. Those of you familiar with the Ghost Hunters series that features TAPS on the Scifi Network with know how exciting this is!

Loren is kicking off his column with a nod to his home state, Maine:
In the January 2007 issue, I write of my investigations of the historical and recent sightings of Maine’s “Mystery Moose,” gigantic reported examples of Alces alces, which look like the animals we call “moose” in Maine. (Of course, for my international readers, it should be noted that the known species are termed “elk” in Europe as well as in almost every other location other than North America and New Zealand.) The cryptid moose of Maine have come down through the decades in the shadowy folklore of the “Specter Moose,” which Michelle Souliere of Strange Maine has highlighted in recent years.
Yippee! Click here to read the rest of Loren's post about this new venture.

If you missed my original post about the moose, you can still read it here.

Maine has its own members of the TAPS Network: North East Paranormal Society, and Maine Paranormal Research Association, now defunct but during its tenure a longstanding group with a great reputation (see interview with founder Bill Washell here). The Central Maine Paranormal Investigations group appears to have taken over from MPRA. Their website is being updated and not all of its links are working yet.

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