Saturday, August 16, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Whistler Confronted by Locals

At about 7:40pm this evening, Parkside residents heard the now-familiar signal of one of the Whistlers, and this time they responded in person. Locals at the corner of State Street and Sherman Street started verbally accosting the woman, yelling that they didn't want any whores on the streets here. A shouting match ensued, and the woman claimed she was whistling to call someone. The male she purported to be calling with her whistle appeared to be the same Hispanic male that was whistling outside the Parkside Neighborhood Association meeting this past Thursday.

At first he denied knowing her, but when she decided to claim he was her husband, he stood by her and began threatening the neighborhood residents who had turned out of their homes to lend support to the effort. Nearing the end of the confrontation, he yelled at the gathered people a loaded threat: "I know where you live! I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!!" Photos taken on the scene as it happened. Portland Police sent a car to followup almost immediately.


Cranky Yankee said...

Geeez...wear a proper shirt, lady.

Rich said...

I see that slutty blonde is sporting the usual tramp stamp on her lower back.

Anonymous said...

Be careful. Would not want you to get treated badly by some thug.

We have a problem in Portland, just look at Kenedy Park, where this ilks brotherIn are coming from.