Monday, August 18, 2008

Maine deep woods diner

Maine has a penchant for cultivating little pockets of weirdness and wonderful stuff. And why not? As a huge state with a low population ratio, there are sure to be plenty of nooks and crannies. I came across an entry by the Giddy Garden Gnome (goodness) on her blog, wherein they explore one of these little pockets of wild Maine life.

Back in October of 2007 (see post here, with many more photos!), she came across a peculiar little set-up in the North Woods. Below the outrushing of a natural cold spring, a bucket full of sodas had been placed. Passersby at this particular point in the remote woods were invited by hand-lettered signs to help themselves to the cold sodas at a reasonable price of 50 cents apiece, or a cup of cold water from the spring for a penny (with a handy mug provided). The enterprising vendor had also posted cookies (50 cents again), up high in a tree in a bucket to keep away from critters! They didn't have time to follow the signs directing them to Reggie's Way on that trip, but took note of it for future revisitation.

Lo and behold, this August found them following the trail again, led by strange canoe signs (see the fisherman? Look closely, he's a skeleton!), and were delighted to find a little camper take-out lunch spot awaiting them on the shores of Getchell Pond. Read the full description here on the Giddy Garden Gnome's blog.

All photos from the Giddy Garden Gnome's blog.

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andrea said...

After many years of going to Maine , we stay at a little cabin on the first Machias lake, heard many stories of a place called Reggies way, finally this past week in june 2011 , me and my husband took a 4 wheeler out to explore more of the beauty of this place, and we came across many hand painted signs to Reggies, when we arrived we had to smile it was just a little camper with some picnick tables and beautiful flowers, the owners live right there and the property is very nice, as soon as we pulled in waggs the dog jumped right on the four wheeler with us licked us to death, and we met the nicest women ; we bought some sodas and had a very nice conversation,what a wonderful person to do something like that,we highly reccomend taking that adventure, nothing like it!!!! Cant wait to go back and vist!!!! Andrea And Kevin