Friday, August 29, 2008

Sasquatch sighting near Maine border!

Loren Coleman reports on this fresh sighting from earlier in August (click here).

The incident, reported by one witness to be "quite chilling," occurred in the Skiff Lake area, just north-east of the Maine/Canada border with New Brunswick. You can see the area for yourself using Google maps, here.

"What we saw was a black sasquatch,” said Dale Tompkins. He and his wife spotted the creature crossing the road. Close behind them was another car, which they subsequently waved over, and verified that the strangers in the other car had seen the same thing they did. (full article here:

According to Loren Coleman, "what is being seen in the area is a 'Black Sasquatch.' Specifically, it is described as a “pitch-black, sleek, hairy, approximately 8-and-a-half foot [tall] Sasquatch.” [Source]

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Anonymous said...

There are still new species of animals being discovered every day.
So it's quite possible that a creature like this could live in many parts of North America. On October 26, 2008 whilw driving to work. I saw the sillouette of a very large creature. It was just before sunrise, so I couldn't make out any details. All I know is that whatever it was, was very big and standing on two legs. When I got closer to where it was standing. It was gone.