Friday, August 22, 2008

Doggy disaster avoided

The West End News reported on a June Portland pet-related incident that turned out much better than it might have, thanks to a daring rescuer! This episode has a number of captivating elements in it, including but not limited to an already-injured hero risking life and limb, a tiny dog named Tuck Tuck, and the need to go to the bathroom really badly -- not to mention yet more effects, small but cumulative, of the recent drastic City of Portland budget cuts.

Stay tuned for more odds and ends (especially the odds) as I continue to catch up on my web backlog.
Dog Rescued from Winter Street Roof
Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A dog who wandered onto the pitched roof of a Winter Street residence through an open attic window was rescued by the quick actions of a neighbor and a local contractor on June 2nd.

Barbara Ward, owner of The Danforth Inn, spotted the dog on the roof's edge, about 25 feet above the ground, at about 10:30 AM. Ward and a housekeeper at the inn dragged a mattress off a bed, down the stairs and across the street, in the event that the dog, named Tuck Tuck, slipped off the roof. 911 was called but police policy does not allow them to respond to dog rescues, and the animal control officer was not available till noon.

Ward also alerted Bob Graham, owner of Bob's Coastal Contracting, whose company is doing remodeling work on a house at Winter and Gray Street. The contractor, whose arm is in a brace because of a broken wrist, grabbed an extension ladder and rushed across the street.

The dog was eventually coaxed to the side of the roof where he could be reached from the ladder. Before being rescued, Tuck Tuck reportedly completed the business that compelled him to climb out on the roof in the first place.

If you want it done right, sometimes you've just got to do it yourself.

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