Sunday, August 24, 2008

Maine horror film 4-pack release!


Those of you who have been waiting to own a piece of Maine horror film history will be thrilled by the news that Emptyhouse Film is finally doing a limited release of 4 of their titles in a single package. On Tuesday, September 30th, they will be releasing 250 special edition copies of their movie four-pack.

Each DVD set will be serial numbered, signed, and will contain a deluxe booklet insert. The films included in the set will be MUD, I'M SORRY, 2, and MONSTER IN THE WOODS. The sets will retail for $49.95 + shipping and will be sold on a first come-first serve basis. In the future they may release more copies of the films, but never in this way again. This is a one-time deal and they wanted to make it special. If you'd like to order, send an email to emptyhousefilm[at]

As many of you who know of Emptyhouse are aware, they have been working to attract a distributor for their films, which have meanwhile been making the rounds at international film festivals from Rio de Janeiro to Seattle, to excellent acclaim. Here's your chance to hold the first pressing of these films in your hands, and to say, "I was there!" when someone smart like Anchor Bay or Lionsgate picks them up in the future.

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