Thursday, August 21, 2008

Paranormal Files debut announced

EmptyHouse Film (a.k.a. Motion Media) announced that its local ghost-hunting series, Paranormal Files, is en route to its final destination -- YOU! They've edited the series down to four episodes that will air each week in October.

The series follows around professional ghost hunters and teaches the viewer about the tools necessary to start hunting your own ghosts. It also explores some of Maine's haunted history, and finishes up the month by following the Ghost Hunters into one of Maine's most haunted places for an official Ghost Hunt. The new episodes will be uploaded to youtube one at a time, each Monday morning starting in October.

It's about time! We here at Strange Maine have been eagerly awaiting its arrival.

You can sample some of the Emptyhouse Film crew's other productions here on YouTube.

Illustration (c)Michelle Souliere. All rights reserved.

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