Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Back to the Big Bugs

I was cruising the web this morning, looking for pages with the words "freak" and "Maine" in them, and stumbled across an interesting piece of information. Ready for your pop culture trivia tidbit?

Ellery Elkayem, the maker of the big budget Big Bug movie "Eight Legged Freaks," started out making smaller films, also about Big Bugs. The first was a 1997 film called LARGER THAN LIFE, which Mark Leeper describes as "a short horror film about spiders who grew to giants on toxic wastes." Leeper watched it on the Sci-Fi Channel's "Exposure" show, "and found it fun."

The SECOND film is the one that concerns us, and while I've never heard of it, perhaps someone out there has. Film #2 was "about giant insects in Maine"!!! Yikes! No thanks! It's called THEY NEST (a.k.a. CREEPY CRAWLERS), and it was produced in 2002 for the good old USA Network. Bleah!! I think we have enough trouble with our mosquitos, black flies, and nasty gypsy moth and army worm coccoons. Even if it does feature Dean Stockwell as the local sheriff.

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