Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Windham Wompkee

A strange creature from Windham, Maine, reared its head at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. According to the Windham Independent's December 1st, 2005, issue the beastie is none other than Twig Wompkee, "a creation of Windham residents Con Fullam and Maura Clarke." More photos are available here on the Wompkee site. Apparently the Wompkee has been around for a while. How did I miss this?!

This year marked the 10th straight appearance of the Wompkees in the parade. According to Fullam, it is the longest streak of consecutive parades for any costumed character. Fullam also said Wompkee books and movies have circled the globe, being translated into as many as 12 foreign languages. Two more Wompkee books and two more movies are slated to hit shelves in 2006, said Fullam.

The Wompkees appear to be fuzzy, happy, accident-prone, big-eared creatures. With the added skill of flapping their colorful ears like butterflies, and flying. And they are mostly green.

If you are suffering from Christmas withdrawal, you might want to try out the Wompkee Christmas Romp. While somewhat tame, albeit with some puffball tail-waggling, the snowy backdrop just makes me imagine this is some sort of strange South Park episode. I do, however like the Wompkee snowman. For more video, including a Wompkee with an ax, please see their video page.

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