Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Queen of the Wind

So windy! So warm!!! I went out tramping at lunch. Wow!!! Back Bay is green and gray with whitecaps. The seagulls are perched casually on tiny remnants of icefloes. Cutting down through the Deerfield Street area off Forest Ave, I found a gigantic old tree with a monstrous limb cracked off it, torn into the street. Nearby, a lightpost sagged into a smaller tree, uprooted from the ground, its tether snapped. Drama!!!

Here is the area of the encounter with the tormented trees:

And here are the trees in question. The one to the left in the little traffic island is the poor soul lending its strength to the lurching lightpole, and the monster elder to the right is the one who suffered amputation:

Please note the keen aerial shots, which are available on the Maine Geographic Information Systems page under their "Interactive Online Maps" menu. Yowza! Get an overhead view right down to whose car was parked in the driveway when they did their survey. Anywhere in Maine!!! Pretty cool.

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