Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Bog Is A Weird Place

That much seems to be true, at least according to this neat page hosted by the Gulf of Maine Aquarium! Just listen to the introductory sentence:

Cool, still air, water the color of dried blood, and ground that trembles
beneath your feet make the bog seem an eerie place.

Sounds good to me. Time for a field trip!!! The page recounts the wild variety of plants commonly found in Maine's bogs, and continues on reassuringly:

In Maine, no human sacrifices have been uncovered, just sphagnum moss ("peat moss") for gardens and for fuel.

And then NOT so reassuringly:

Mining peat for fuel on a large scale may soon present a threat to some of our fragile bogs in northern Maine.

Maybe Swamp Man will have something to say about that. Show up tonight at The Alehouse for a dose of his bog-stomping hard-rockin' fury when Covered In Bees play!


Chris Perridas said...

My gosh, what a wondeerful community this is. I LOVE the blog posts. I shall bookmark and set you as a link on my blogs.

Can you set me up on email copy when you post?

Chris 560729 @ yahoo . com?


Michelle Souliere said...

DONE!!! It's official! :)

Thank you so much!