Friday, January 20, 2006

Share the Poe!

I just thought I'd share a project I've been working on, called cARTalog. It's based on retired card catalogs from libraries. (mmm.... anachronistic databases! my favorite.) Artists were given cards, either random or based on artist-suggested themes/subjects, and allowed to mess around with them however they wanted. To learn more about the project, and see some of the pieces recorded so far, please go to the cARTalog site here.

I managed to finagle a bunch of Edgar Allan Poe cards, and came up with at least two good pieces out of the mess. I got a little wacky with these. I'm usually so boring in the processes I use and the approach I take, not much in the way of experimenting goes on, and this time I just got a lot wilder than usual. Lots of "Oh, let's see what happens when I do THIS to it!" and lighting things on fire accidentally.

At the Bidding of Poe

Catalog card, watercolor, ink, varnish

Poe, Heavily Annotated

Catalog card, paper, wax, color pencil, ink

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KillerB said...

Way cool!