Thursday, January 19, 2006


Spotted on Forest Avenue, intown-bound, 4pm-ish:
A mysterious black-cloaked figure, stalking into the cold.

The funny part was the abject confusion into which this threw two very sozzled drunks. They had been headed in the opposite direction and got ALL turned around by the sight.

Deering Oaks' pond is positively gleaming with yesterday's thaw and last night's quick freeze, resulting in a pleasant approximation of a mirrorlike finish. The skaters are all happy. So are the crows apparently, because there were a good hundred or so of them hanging out on the ice on the bridge end of the pond and on the adjoining slope.

How I love thee Portland, let me count the ways!!!

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Anonymous said...


That may have been me. I do have a black polar fleece cape that I wear when it's particularly cold, and that is an area I walked through on a regular basis when I lived there. If the figure also had a walking stick, it was probably me.