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Beltane at Popham Beach

From the Maine Pagan mailing list comes an event announcement that sounds like a lot of fun for anyone interested in pagan festivals. Looks like a great way to turn the page for the changing season. Here is the post from Ria (with assists from Jane) that has a lot of useful information for any newbies to the event. Following that is a post from Harper announcing a few other events that will be occuring (and useful links about them), including the Blessing of the Steeds and the Torch Race honoring Pan:

BELTANE at Popham Beach

April 30, Sunday
Beltane celebration/potluck at Popham Beach. (This year it will be held on April 30th with the pole around 11 am and pot-luck to follow)

as near as I can tell high tide is at 2:05, next low tide is 7:52 for those that want to stay that late (it might still be open)

there is an entrance to the beach area opposite the flag pole, this has been the general area we use .. I am planning to get there early enough to make sure we have it and get stuff prepped

I will haul the canopies ..

I have 4 partial bags of charcoal, haven't found the lighter fluid yet (I am sooo ready for Beltane to happen)


if you have white elephants, books etc you want to give away there is usually a table to put this kind of stuff/goodies

I have some apple and plum wands, already cut and seasoned 1 year -you will need to debark if that's the effect you want

CHOCOLATE - some people DID NOT bring chocolate (hint hint)

Don't forget to bring fluids sometimes the water is on, sometimes it's not .. water is always good especially if it's really hot or food is messy

A few garbage bags for take away

Your own utensils and plates

If you have special dietary needs, you will need to bring your own - if your kids have special diets try using stickers on them (I did this with mine when they were little DO NOT FEED SUGAR DYES etc etc)


matches or lighter just in case mine doesn't work

don't forget towels especially if you have kids or guys who like to play macho man in the freezing water - spare clothes

we've had some really nice weather and some bloody cold and wet weather .. be prepared for both to happen

a few more bags of charcoal - the group is pretty large and we may need more than the bits I have

if someone has a small tent it works well for littles that need naps - this really worked well the few years someone brought it

FROM JANE RAEBURN (from previous years):
There isn't an official Beltane at Popham organization, but I'll announce what I know, which is similar to past years:

* Gather at Popham Beach State Park in Phippsburg around 10-10:30 a.m.

* Bring 12 yards of ribbon per person for the maypole. NO PLASTIC RIBBON

* Last year we didn't have enough room on the maypoles. So if you have a great big, um, length of wood you would like to bring, load it up!

* Bring food for yourself and some to share. There are barbeque grills available at the site, and picnic tables.

* Bring sunscreen, drinking water, extra layers of clothing (it gets windy at the beach!).

* If you like, bring beach toys and musical instruments.

Directions here:

You will have to pay a small fee to enter the park. There are toilets.

Some mobility-impaired or older participants stay up in the picnic area, so if you aren't sure you can manage the whole trip to the beach, you'll probably have people to talk to.

*************END OF FIRST POST****************

Ancient Riders in Maine, and all who can make it from elsewhere, will be holding a Blessing of the Steeds ceremony in conjunction with the really cool Beltane on the Beach at Popham Beach State Park. The Beltane ceremony is pretty early this year, due to tide schedules, followed by the Torch-Race honoring Pan (see links below, this is really cool), and a potluck barbecue lunch and social time.

The date is April 30, a Sunday. Bring running feet, and try to win the coveted Pan/Laurel wreath pendant by honoring Pan with fleetness! Bring munchies, something to grill, whatever, and meet many of Maine's very cool Pagans! Bring 9 yards of a fabric ribbon, and participate in one of the coolest Maypole celebrations around! (links below) Or just show up on your scooter in the afternoon, and get that extra edge that only the Gods (and some furry idjit chanting runes in a utilikilt) can provide!

Fine-tuning may be needed, but it looks like around 2:00 would work for the Blessing, in the generous parking lot at the site. We'll try to post details on as the plan firms up, but wanted to give people as much notice of the date as possible--we hope some of you can make it!

and the best photo selection is by Phabulous Prophessional Photographer Michael Berube anothermaine.

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