Monday, April 03, 2006

NEWS: USM Bomb Threat

Well, I just went over to get a coffee and see if I could wrest my mom away from her work (she's an advisor), and found all of USM is closed due to a bomb threat.

Only really strange in that being a university, most of its students are paying for their education (unlike high school students), and thereby bomb scares are few and far between, since pranksters are for the most part eliminated from the equation (my modest guess on the matter).

Scooted over with a camera and got some on-the-spot shots. Signs on the doors at the Campus Center are shown, and on the Health Services door (slightly more stern). Also a gaggle of news reporters are collected in front of the Police and Safety offices, spotted as I departed. Other signs, on the doors leading to the bookstore, stated the building was only closed "until 4pm", as though the bomb scare goes away after a certain hour. Hmmm.

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