Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Signs of Spring

Over at the Boothbay Register, Jo Cameron reports on signs of spring in her account of doings in Edgecomb. Finding her turn of phrase very engaging, I am going to share it with you in turn:
...eggs are starting to roll, I infer, from the glow starting on the wings of the resident goldfinches, the general twitterpating going on in the upper branches of the ash tree, and the tom turkeys floating about the orchard like Roman war biremes under full sail.
Take that, Longfellow! Kapow!!! A turkey in the face of the stodgy poets of yore (whom we love dearly but would agree occasionally need a free-verse updating).

Photo of Early Morning Deering Oaks (c) Michelle Souliere


Chris said...

Something about nature-writing brings out the poet in all of us. I love the "flowating" and the "twitterpating" (which, I'll admit, I had to Google).

Michelle said...

Chris-- Ahem, the "flowating" was, sadly, a truly heinous typo by yours truly. I must have gotten all twitterpated and rushed it off to press prematurely. Ahem. *grin* Too bad, huh? At least we still have twitterpating. Yes.

Chris said...

Now I understand. I thought she'd coined "flowating" to rhyme with "twitterpating."

BTW, floating turkeys? That would explain why they're crashing through windshields.

Rufus said...

This is a great picture. I love seeing other parts of the world in bloom.

Michelle said...

Thanks Rufus! :) *bows* And what part of the world to you hail from?