Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Miniature Donkey Heist in NH

The New England Anomaly has posted a story this morning of a heinous heist in neighboring New Hampshire, where in the town of Barrington someone has been so brazen as to abscond with an adorable three week old miniature donkey.
Roberta Henderson says the animal was stolen from her farm Saturday evening. She says if the donkey is not returned, it could die because it still needs its mother's milk. She says she just wants it back, no questions asked.
Link to an account of the AP story here.

The Hendersons run Grand Finale Farm where they have two herds of miniature donkeys totalling just over 30 of the cute little buggers. Perhaps someone thought they might have enough to share? If so, they should have asked before taking to avoid this tragedy. :( Poor donkey!

To give you an idea of the cuteness level that we are contending with here, please examine the evidence.

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