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Pagan Retreat Proposal

And since we also seem to be on a pagan kick (spring fever!)...

This was sent on by Mari, the moderator of PaganHistoryMaine. Sounds pretty good to me! I'm not sure where they are in the planning stages, as this message is from 2 1/2 years ago. I'll let you all know if I find anything else out.
A Pagan Campground/Retreat
Thursday, November 13 2003 @ 10:52 PM EST
Contributed by: athair

Just wanted to run our plans by you all...My wife and I are in the pre-stages of buying approximately 100 acres of land in Northern Penobscot County, Maine, for the sole purpose of building a retreat/campground. We are in the process of researching the necessary permits and licenses.

Here is the (plan), try to picture it in your mind:

"You have finally left for that well deserved, long awaited vacation...You travel along Interstate 95, and as the miles drift by, you begin to wonder if this trip will be worth the time and effort. You exit and after a short drive you turn onto a dirt road.

You travel a short distance further and arrive at a parking area. You park your vehicle and notice several wooden wheeled carts located at the corner of the lot. A small sign next to the carts explains that since no vehicles are allowed in the camping area, the carts are used to bring your gear from your vehicle to your cabin or tent site.

After loading your cart, you leave the parking lot and start down a short pathway leading to the main lodge site. As you enter the site and look around you notice a large stone encircled clearing with comfortable log benches situated around the edge. At one side of the site is a large stone
fireplace with more log benches in front.

Off in the distance there is a large garden in various stages of growth. Set back against the tree-line is a comfortable looking lodge made from logs that were harvested from the very site. To one side of the lodge is a door with a carved wooden sign above that reads "office". Within the office you smell fresh coffee brewing on a woodstove in the corner and your eyes wander to
the various handmade crafts situated on shelves around the room.

You register for your site and receive a small stone with what appears to be a Celtic or Gaelic symbol carved into it. As you exit the lodge you notice on the other side of the site that there are a series of pathways leading into the forest. You match the unique symbol on your stone with the same symbol on a carved sign beside one of the paths.

This is the way to your cabin or tent site, whichever you choose. As you start pushing your cart along your pathway you notice candle lanterns situated at various spots along the trail. You walk a short distance further and arrive at a quaint little cabin. The entire campground is without electricity so as you enter you notice a supply of candles and a few oil lanterns on the table. Outside there is a fresh supply of firewood and a water barrel for filling a small wash basin etc...
There is also a small fire-pit in the front along with a wooden table and benches.

After getting situated you head back to the main lodge site and as you enter the clearing once again, you notice that one of the campers has removed a harp from her case and is sitting in the middle of the stone circle playing a magical tune. Other campers are just returning from a hike along one of the many pathways through the forest, commenting on the deer they had seen drinking from a nearby pond.

Other campers are sitting in a nearby lean-to working on some crafts that they will take home to help remind them of this peaceful time and place, or they may decide to donate the item to the campground to be sold at the craft shop to help pay the yearly taxes...etc.

As you take a deep breath, your mind takes in the sounds and smells of the forest mixed with the smell of a distant campfire and maybe a little incense in the air. You decide to check the bulletin board to see if there are any classes or entertainers scheduled for the night. Seeing that you have some time on your hands, you decide to take a stroll into the community garden to do a little work. As you enter the garden, you think to yourself that this was well worth the trip..."

Well there ya go, hopefully I was able to give you some idea of what to expect. The sites will be offered at a minimal price and an occasional waiver will be given to those that express a strong desire to visit buy cannot afford a site and of course entertainers will stay for free. Any donations will be accepted to help with the cost of upkeep etc...

We do not plan to make a great amount of money with our campground; we just want
a place where others of like mind can relax away from the stresses of day to day life. We have a lot of ideas for the site which include wood-fired saunas, gravity fed showers, a large community table for nightly or weekly feasts, herb gardens, flower gardens, private groves away from the campground, etc... This is a time consuming venture and as time grows near I will ask for
volunteers to help with construction etc... Let me know what you think.
Email: athairsgathan(AT)hotmail.com

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