Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Condemned in Bangor

Check out this wonderfully spooky HDR photo uploaded to Flickr today by Lawrence eviL of Bangor. Its very appropriate title: "Condemned."

Update (Apr. 20, 2006): Members of the Bangor Explorers' Guild have bravely completed a survey of this creepy old farmhouse, which "sits overlooking the Penobscot River, on a parcel of land right next to the Bangor Waterworks Building."


Michelle said...

I wish he had some text telling us more about it!! Dang. It's pretty darn cool.

Lawrence_evil said...

The building is actually being restored. They have it sitting on blocks right now and they have rebuilt the foundation. I had to take the photo from a low angle to hide the fact that it has moved and is raised from the round.

Chris said...

As it turned out, that was the perfect angle. Thanks for the added info, and congratulations on the photo.

Michelle said...

LaEvil--Thanks!! Well it came out to great effect from that angle.

Those of you that dig cemetery photos should check out his latest, a selection of pieces documenting choice segments of Mount Hope Cemetery, including a really tasty panoramic piece.

I don't suppose you'd like to talk a little bit about the process involved in your photos for those of us who are new to the term "HDR Photography"? It produces tremendously creative results! Yow.

lawrence_evil said...

Well. I think HDR is a bad term for it. In short I take 3 photos normally set on a tripod of the same subject without moving the camera. Each photo has a different exposure set, I try to do one 2 stops below meter one at meter and one 2 stops above meter (not the f stop) I then use photoshop to merge the three files in an HDR imaage. (this is why it's called HDR) after i make the HDR file i use a plugin for photoshop by HDRsoft to tonemap the picture and then just play with setting until i get the image i want. THats pretty much how it is done.

Hope this helps

Michelle said...

Thanks! That actually does help a lot. Sounds great... I'll have to give it a shot sometime. (no pun intended. Ow!)