Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Farmington Prophecy

Because of the "Number of the Beast" connotation, several horror movies and albums will be released on June 6 (6/6/06). Oh yeah, and the town of Farmington, Maine, will undergo a strange and wonderful transformation.
Thereafter, there will be no death and no illness (except the remnants of earlier illnesses which will go away in three days or less) within the municipal limits of Farmington. Nor will there be any crime or bad behavior. You will be safe in Farmington; nothing will harm you here. The rest of the world is still the way it has been for millennia, so if you go outside the borders of Farmington you will not be protected in this particular way, though you will be no worse off than before.
Licia Kuenning makes this prophecy on her webpage, where she also hawks her new book Farmington! Farmington! She insists that, though her book is fiction, her message is not. As she says in the FAQs (which I can't believe are frequently asked), she's just relaying God's intentions.
Q. What will cause this amazing change?
A. God will cause it by his own will.

Q. Why has Farmington been chosen?
A. I do not know.


Chris Jart said...

You might have warned us about the strange organ/accordian music that plays when you view the page. It sounds like it's played by an insane hunchback in a really bad horror movie.

Michelle said...

Hahaha!!! That made me want to go look at the site even more!

Oh, I was not disappointed. The lurching hunchback organist had a few too many before he sat down on the bench and commenced to flailing. Huzzah!

Chris W, I am sure you must mean the type of "really bad horror movie" that uses the most inappropriately jaunty music EVER as a soundtrack. Ha ha ha!!!


Chris said...

Yikes! Firefox must have blocked that music when I visited (one more reason to switch from IE to Firefox). I suppose something from the Slayer catalog would have been more appropriate.

Licia Kuenning said...

Forget the music--it's just a midi of "The Green, Green Grass of Home" borrowed from Grandpa Schoeber's site--and apparently it doesn't work well with some browsers. It's also nothing to do with "the number of the beast"--I don't even know any beasts with or without numbers. I couldn't care less how many sixes are in the date--I just think of it as the first Tuesday in June. And I have no horror movies or albums for sale.
The prophecy happens to be true, as anyone will find out if they come to Farmington at that time--and if they don't they will read about it in their local newspapers. And what else would a prophet do but relay God's intentions?
Chris, I don't know you--I just found your blog with Google--but your tone suggests that you don't believe me; that's no problem. You spell Farmington right, which is all I ask. See you when you get here.
Licia Kuenning

Chris said...

I am nothing if not open-minded. I'll be monitoring the news from Farmington on June 6th, and if necessary will issue a retraction (right after I pack my bags for Franklin County).

Licia Kuenning said...

I gather that there are 2 "Chris"s here--the blogger (Chris Dunham) and the author of the first comment (Chris W)--I missed that first time round.

Anyway, yes, if you're not already in Farmington early on the morning of June 6, by all means listen to the news from our radio station, WKTJ, 99.3 FM, as it will probably be the main subject talked about all day that day. But do be aware that if you wait until then to pack your bags you may spend a long time in traffic jams getting to Farmington, and if you don't have motel reservations, bring a tent.

It hardly matters at that point whether you publish a retraction on your blog--half the world will know about Farmington before you can get back to your computer--but of course when you get to this town any time after the dawn of June 6, God will tell you what to do. Introduce yourself if you have a chance: I live at 299 High St., and I'd enjoy seeing the person behind that outstretched hand.

P.S. I told my husband (the webmaster in this family) to remove the music from my website, since he doesn't know how to make it sound good for all users.

Licia Kuenning

Chris Jart said...

I need to clear up some confusion here. First, there are two bloggers named Chris. I had hoped that adding “…. “ would suffice to differentiate us, but I guess it’s too subtle. I’m going to change it to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

As far as the music is concerned, since it is not an integral part of the page, there is no harm in leaving it up since those who can’t hear it will still have the same reading experience. Whether someone loves it or hates it, it’s just an opinion. So if you like it, keep it.

Just for the record, anything that sounds like an insane hunchback playing an organ/accordion in a really really bad movie is okay with me. In fact, it’s truly a compliment.

Chris Jart said...

One more thing - if you read the original post again, you'll notice that Chris's reference about the horror movies and albums being released were in regard to the companies who are making it a point to wait until 6/6/06 due to the 666 connotation.

It is the Satan vs. God aspect that ties it in to your prophecies from the Lord.

Celia said...
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