Friday, April 14, 2006

Mutant Deer for sale!

Way Out Auctions has posted an interesting piece of Maine hunting memorabilia that is up for grabs. To quote:
Being offered is a deer foot holder we found at an estate auction here in Maine.

I haven't seen many deer like this one running around, must have come from near the old nuke power plant!

This is a really neat piece of very unique taxidermy. I took the pictures with pencils and I will include these with the stand. It would also be great for a pipe or flowers!

Stands 7.5'' tall, the widest spread on the feet is about 9.25". This mutant deer stand will make a great conversation piece!
To check out the auction, click here. It ended the 12th, but if the reserve wasn't met, you can always e-mail them for more info.

Strikes me as being sort of like the Maine version of Blinky the Fish from the Simpsons.


Chris said...

I don't need a mutant deer foot, but I sure could use some sharp pencils. Maybe I'll make an offer.

gugon said...

I like the deer foot pencil holder. It would look great on my desk at work.

Read your profile / interests - (freaks, wierdos, etc) - wow, sounds like a description of myself - figured I just had to check your place out.

Some cool stuff here - almost makes me wish I lived in Maine. Michigan can be pretty strange too, though.

Michelle said...

Chris-- Who couldn't use some sharp pencils? They are especially useful in fending off mutant deer that turn out to be unfriendly.

Gugon-- I think you're right. Any desk would look more impressive with that kind of accoutrement on it. Hello, over there in Michigan!!!