Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Maine Horror Film News!

Here is the latest news from Maine's own Emptyhouse Films, courtesy of Andy Davis:

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Motion Media/Emptyhouse Film unleash interactive games and the
official trailer for horror film I'M SORRY.
www.emptyhousefilm.com just turned a brand new leaf -- an interactive leaf, if you will. With the inception of the new website for their horror film I'M SORRY, the team of Motion Media and Emptyhouse Film invite you to try out interactive flash based games based on characters from I'M SORRY, as well as vote on the official poster art and view the official movie trailer for I'M SORRY.

"We have been heading towards this for a long time now. After jumping leaps and bounds in the corporate training world, we just felt we had to up the ante," said Motion Media President Olin Smith.

In addition to the interactive games, poster contest and trailer, a new forum is now open to the public and future additions will include a 30 minute "behind the scenes" featurette, as well as a downloadable video featuring world famous cryptozoologist Loren Coleman discussing the argument of "mind vs. haunting."

"I'M SORRY is our second full length feature and our first real horror film in awhile, we wanted to really come back with everything we had in us, to really put our creative juices to work…and I think with I'M SORRY, we really did that." Said writer/director Andy Davis.

I'M SORRY asks the questions "What is paranormal and what is just abnormal?" Both Davis and Olin Smith (MUD), the film's producer/cinematographer had previously worked on several paranormal "ghost hunting" shows and knew they wanted to incorporate one of the most important factors in any case they studied…the capabilities of the human mind.

Filming in a stone mansion that was built in 1907 certainly set the stage for this gothic thriller. "I'm scared just looking at some of the dailies, seeing the emotion drip off of Nanette, it's freaky stuff." said producer/cinematographer Smith.

"Going into this, we were certainly inspired by films like THE SHINING, THE CHANGELING and REPULSION, among others, we set out to make a film about one woman's insanity living in a spooky old house by herself and from looking at the final cut of the film, we did not fail to deliver the goods," said Davis.

As well as being busy with I'M SORRY, Motion Media and Emptyhouse film are getting positive feedback from their first feature MUD. "It's really been a wild ride, we've gotten such great feedback from most everyone who watches it…they just relate to it in so many ways," said producer/cinematographer Smith.

More information on I'M SORRY and MUD can be found at www.emptyhousefilm.com.

Emptyhouse Film, a film production company based in Porter, Maine, and Boston, is owned by Andy Davis and Scott Morabito. Their credits include MUD, TV Nation (Best Music Video, Best of Show AIP Video Awards), Mechanazoid (*** -Film Threat Magazine, The Pumpkin Man, The Dark, Beneath the Frost Line (Commended – Festival of Fantastic Film, England).

www.emptyhousefilm.com Motion Media Film & Video is a full service video/web production company in Portland, Maine, owned by Olin Smith. Credits for Smith, a
media producer for over 20 years, include Miramax Films, The Discovery Channel, MTV, VH1, The History Channel, and Extreme Makeover Home Edition. www.motionmediafilmandvideo.com

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