Wednesday, April 20, 2022

More Bigfoot in Maine interviews & a lake monster or two

Hi everyone!  

It's been a while since I've done a roundup of some of the things I've been participating in, so here's a little catch-up for you.

Most recently, Rick Palmer of the Some Other Sphere podcast interviewed me about Bigfoot in Maine, and we had a really interesting conversation, which he just posted here:

Prior to that, I did a couple of panel discussions on Cosmoetica, which you can view here:
Bigfoot discussion (ep #329) with host Dan Schneider and fellow guests Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Kelly Milner Halls, back in Nov 2021:
Kind of amazed I was part of this, it was a terrific experience.

Lake Monsters! (ep #343) with host Dan Schneider and fellow guests Kelly Milner Halls and Shetan Noir, in March 2022.  This time I branched out a little into aquatic cryptics, using the monster of Lake Pohenegamook, on the Quebec/Maine border, as my Maine case study.
...and back at the end of last year, I had a fantastic chat with LeeAnn and Angela of the Spirited History podcast, but it was on the ParaX Radio Network, and I can't seem to find a link for an archive of the episode anywhere -- more's the pity because we discussed a bunch of Strange Maine topics, too.  :(  Ah well!
I hope you all enjoy these.  :)  Happy spring!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Zoom EVENT: Thurs April 21: Bigfoot in Maine & New Hampshire!

 Hello folks! If anyone is interested in a free Zoom talk about Bigfoot in New England (focusing on the New Hampshire/Maine region), I'll be regaling viewers for the North Hampton Public Library next week, on Thurs April 21 at 7:00pm. Please pre-register here so you are able to attend:


Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Flying Saucers! Well, not that kind...

Hi everyone!  While things have been quiet here on the blog, I've been busy fitting in research around my foolish work schedule (too much overtime, bleah).  But in my delvings, I found a couple of things the other day that caught my eye.  I thought you all might like to see them too.  😄 

I'll transcribe the article in case the images don't load.  This one is from a winter 1958 article in the Bangor Daily News.

Warning Issued to Coasters By Old Town Chief

Old Town Police Chief Robert Lee reported today that one motorist who spotted a "flying saucer" while driving along Brunswick Street today was terrified but the chief reports it was no joke.

The "flying saucer" was a small child riding atop a saucer sled coasting from a steep bank across the busy street.  Luckily, he was not struck.

Lee issued a warning against such dangerous practices asking parents to tell their children not to use any grades for sliding that might end up in a street or intersection.

And in another winter issue of Bangor Daily News I found this photo, from two years later in 1960, which aptly illustrates the irresistible joy of sailing through the air on FLYING SAUCERS!!!

Caption reads:   

FOR REAL "FLYING" SAUCERS -- The man on the business end of a shovel might not display the enthusiasm for the season's snowfall that these two youngsters do.  But Mark Pooler and Susan Purinton of Bangor, both 11, beam with joy about the whole situation as they sail out into the air on their flying saucers over a bank of the wonderful white stuff.  (NEWS photo by Maher)

I hope everyone is having a great winter, and enjoying all the white stuff out there.  Before you know it, spring will be here! 

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Happy Halloween from Strange Maine!

Photo by Michelle Y. Souliere
Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying Halloween week in spite of the blustery weather. It really feels like October now! This past week I spoke with Courtney Lanning of WCSH, and the results appear in a fun article about all things spooky, alongside Loren Coleman and Jamie Kingman-Rice from the Maine Historical Society, so I'm in great company. 

 You can read the article here:

I'm also excited to announce that there's a new Lewiston-based podcast, The Dirty Lew Podcast, which is available on YouTube.  Duke, the host, interviewed me a few months ago, and now the episode is live to kick off their Halloween season, so... have fun listening to it, and do check out their other episodes.  They're trying to make something awesome happen right where they are, and they're doing a great job!

You can check out the episode here: 

Happy Halloween everyone!!!  🎃

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Bigfoot in Maine: Q&A


Hi everyone! We had a great talk last night hosted by the Maine Historical Society on Zoom. I'll be posting a link to the recording as soon as it's available for those who missed it.

I will probably be receiving questions from attendees over the next few days, and I thought other folks might be interested in hearing the answers too, so I'll be posting them here as well as emailing responses directly.
Here's the first one:
Q: Have any remains have ever been found, or a skeleton, of one one of these 'creatures.' Any fossil evidence by chance?
A:  In answer to your question, to my knowledge no one in Maine has unearthed a known Bigfoot skeleton here. 
You may be interested to know that in the 1886 book An Historical Sketch of the Town of Deer Isle, Maine on page 10 mention is made of the discovery of a giant skeleton some years before. We talked about that early on in the discussion. You can see that account on Google Books using this link -- just scroll ahead to page 10 and start reading from the top of that page.
Discovery of remains is a compelling question for those of us inquiring into the existence of an unknown species in Maine. Does it mean that they bury or otherwise dispose of their dead in places where they won't be found? Or is it simply one more large animal that the efficient natural process of devouring and decomposition takes care of in the normal course of things?
Big questions! 

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Bigfoot in Maine update, upcoming events!

Hi everyone! Well, the air is getting crisper, and with October my work schedule at the shop will settle down, and with any luck I'll be able to take some fieldtrips out into the Maine woods again. I haven't been out to hike and explore since last February (see my posts Maine Wildlife in the Snow Part 1 and Part 2). It's going to be great to get out there again after too many months of too many hours of retail work (ahhhh, the joys of Maine's seasonal economy). 

But somehow along with all the rest of that nonsense, I've managed to squeeze in some awesome, fun interviews to talk about my book, and set aside time in October for some Zoom library talks. I've also continued to interview eyewitnesses for volume 2. 

Here are some links to some of the stuff I've been doing and other events I will be doing soon. Enjoy! 

Fresh out of the gate is the latest episode (#35) of Cryptid Creatures with Brian Brock and Todd Stevens, where they quiz me about what the heck is up with Bigfoot in Maine: 



A little earlier in the summer I had a great chat with Ryan Knights on Episode #14 (darn it, missed Lucky 13) of The Chaos Effect. Hopefully this is one of many!



I also had the pleasure of talking with Paul Bestall on episode 140 of his very intriguing UK podcast, Mysteries and Monsters.  You can listen to it here -- definitely add the show to your list if you're looking for a lot of great conversations to binge! 



And waaaaaayyyy back in May I got to visit with Aleks Petakov (and Nate Brislin!) before Aleks and his team went deep into the Maine woods to explore for Beyond the Trail: Sasquatch in the Pine Tree State.  You can find the episode here!



On Oct 13, 2021 at 7:00pm, I will be very excited for my Zoom conversation with Kathleen Neumann, the Curator of Education & Public Programs at the Maine Historical Society, about what makes this corner of New England such a perfect place for this cryptid to live.  Guests will learn about the ecology and geography that support the legend, and the people forever changed by close encounters with these creatures.  You can register at the link below.


Later in October, at 6:30pm on Wednesday, October 20, 2021, we're going to give things a little tweak and peek over the border into neighboring New Hampshire.  I'll be doing a Zoom talk for the Fortier Library at the White Mountains Community College.  This program is a free Zoom event, and all are welcome.  Preregistration is required at (click the “Register for WMCC Library events here” button).

I'm sure there will be more, but I hope you all enjoy at least a few of these when you have the chance!

Monday, August 23, 2021

Bigfoot in Maine update, and ... next up - ghosts!

 Hi everyone!

Rare quick trip to OOB in early August!

I've been working 6 days a week running my shop, working overtime across the board like so many of the rest of us in this seasonal economy, fielding the waves of tourists that come to Maine for safe harbor.  I have somehow been squeezing in interviews where I can, either with reporters and podcasters about Bigfoot in Maine, or with eyewitnesses themselves for volume 2.  

I must say that I am very much looking forward to autumn's approach when things slow down and I can get back out in the field again, not to mention find time to think, research and write about all things Maine.

In the background, at the same time, I am pondering the next project that I've been piecing together for some time now, which I've been looking forward to (before volume 2 of Bigfoot in Maine began demanding to be heard).  And that is... ghost stories!  

When I wrote Strange Maine, I minimized the amount of spooks in the book (although there are a few) because at the time I thought Maine had some good ghost story books already out there for folks to choose from.  But the more I've dug around, and the more people I've talked to, the more I've realized that Maine really has a lot more little spooky bits that haven't been recorded for posterity yet.

So... if you have odd or eerie experiences or things that you've encountered while here in Maine, be it in an old farmhouse or a downtown apartment, fifty years ago or just last year, do drop me a line, and we can talk about what happened.  You can always find me at -- don't hesitate to contact me, I'd love to hear about your own Maine ghost story.

In the meantime, please enjoy this little interview feature that WCSH's 207 show did with me earlier this summer!  Big thanks to Amanda Hill and Kirk Cratty for making it a fun and memorable experience.

And, if you like to look at Bigfoot's possible existence from a more quirky viewpoint, here's a lighthearted take on the matter from an interview I did with John Mitchell from NECN: 

Stay tuned for my interview with the charming Paul Bestall from the UK podcast Mysteries and Monsters, and the new Dirty Lew podcast outta Lewiston.  Mixing it up a little, trying to reach a local audience and the greater world at large.  I did get to talk to Howard Hughes of The Unexplained live on UK radio last month too, sad it didn't make it into his podcast, but it was still really cool, since I've listened to his podcast for years!  Very surreal to have his familiar voice asking me questions instead of just listening to him ask someone else.  Heh!

 Thanks for all your support, everyone!  I hope to bring you many more intriguing Maine stories in the future, once my dang workweek is not so completely bonkers!!!