Friday, July 03, 2015

Appalachian Trail mystery via the Bollard

Most of you probably remember the unexpected, worrisome and sad disappearance of 66-year-old Geraldine Largay from the Appalachian Trail in Maine last spring. The most recent monthly issue of the Bollard has an intense article about the disappearance with some interesting information about the area that few people know.

If you'd like to read it online, please click here:
If you prefer a hard copy of the issue, it is available for free at my used bookshop in Portland, the Green Hand Bookshop, at 661 Congress Street, or you can pick up a copy at any other of 500+ locations statewide where you can regularly find the Bollard.

Portlander Hutch Brown did a great job of fleshing out the article, with editor Chris Busby assisting. I think those among you who wonder about disappearances and secret areas will be very interested in what they dug up.

PERIPHERALLY RELATED NOTE: Those interested in David Paulides Missing 411 series, which features some Maine disappearance cases over the years, may want to add this story to their files. Incidentally, if you want to buy Mr. Paulides' books, DO NOT be fooled into paying overinflated prices ($99+?!!) elsewhere online. You can buy brand new copies for $24.99 directly from him on his website. You can purchase the Eastern U.S. volume (which has the historic Maine cases in it) from him here: